At The Forefront

Of Innovation

Since day one, Numarine has used the very latest in vacuum infusion and composite materials technology to produce extremely rigid, lightweight and incredibly strong hulls.

With the delicate vacuum infusion process, lightweight composite materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fiber are placed into moulds in highly complex strategic order whereby they fully benefit from each material’s unique properties. The “sandwich” of such materials is then fused together under vacuum as the resin bonds all elements together in a temperature-controlled environment.

The outcome of this complex process provides our clients with a hull that is almost as resistant as a steel one, with a weight saving of up to 30%, versus a traditionally laminated hull. This increased strength repels impacts in rough water, whilst the decreased weight delivers the benefits of inherent economy and performance.

We have absolute confidence that our construction process and material selection result in the strongest possible hulls on the water. This confidence is guaranteed by Gurit – the composite industry’s leading supplier of materials and engineering services responsible for the exacting structural calculations of our hulls.

This confidence allows us to offer the very best warranty in the industry and so, whereby from the bottom up, each Numarine hull comes as standard with a full, 10-year Structural Warranty.

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